Ownership Advantages

Titled Beachfront Real Estate

A Rarity in Costa Rica - Less than 3% of the coastline!

The Palms Private Residences owners receive deeded ownership in their villa, quite a rare circumstance in Costa Rica. Less than three percent of Costa Rica's coastline is privately titled. The Palms is grandfathered and had already received a registered property title in the National Registry prior to 1977 when a law was passed that eliminated rights to foreign ownership within 200 meters of the high-tide line.

As a result, all owners at The Palms retain their fee simple beachfront ownership rights. More than just a vacation home for today, this is a legacy for future generations. Your deed may be sold, willed, transferred or placed in a trust at any time.

Travel Globally


Two complimentary reciprocity clubs, just for you.

As an owner at the Palms, you are extended a membership into The Elite Alliance®, and 3RD HOME, two upscale reciprocity programs for owners at a select family of prestigious resort properties and luxurious, professionally managed vacation homes. 

The simple exchange process transforms your real estate ownership into a key that unlocks the door to seamless travel adventures - ski trips, golf getaways, beach escapes and much more - at a growing array of coveted destinations worldwide. Your Elite Alliance membership also includes ClubBenefits, powered by ClubCorp®, offering access to 350+ city, athletic and country clubs around the world!

For more information please visit www.elitealliance.com and www.thepalms.3rdhome.com

Rental Program

Additional Income

Rental management services are available while you are not using your residence, and can provide you with additional income. Management earns 25% commission, and the rest is yours minus a credit card processing fee.

Our absolute beachfront location and limited supply of only 34 residences helps increase demand, exclusivity and rental rates. Rent the property through us or through other popular conduits like AirBNB.

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Benefits to Our Location

Why Purchase Property in Costa Rica?

Beautiful natural scenery, one of the most environmentally friendly countries in the world, nice year around weather, below the hurricane belt, friendly people, foreigners are welcome, stable democratic government, convenient flights, and low property taxes.

Why purchase property in Guanacaste?

Guanacaste is the Gold Coast of Costa Rica and home to its best beaches and weather. The airport currently has convenient direct flights from Miami, Atlanta, Houston, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, and more. The airport is less than one hours drive from the regions beaches.

Why purchase property in Flamingo?

Flamingo is the jewel of Guanacaste’s gold coast. Playa Flamingo is a gorgeous white sand beach, and was bestowed with the prestigious Blue Flag award. Flamingo has been granted a marina concession, and has world class sports fishing. Flamingo also has excellent restaurants, and is the most exclusive community in Guanacaste.

Why purchase property at The Palms?

The Palm’s is comprised of only 34 private residences providing you with privacy and exclusivity. The Palms is located at the secluded end of the white sand cove among multi million dollar private estates. The Palms is Costa Rica’s most prestigious address.


The Palms represents an opportunity to own privately titled beachfront property along Costa Rica’s beautiful Gold Coast of Guanacaste. Less than 3% of Costa Rica’s coastline is privately owned making these properties extremely rare. The other 97% of the coast line can be long term leased from the Municipality through a Concession Agreement, but it does not provide the benefits of private property ownership. The rarity of privately titled beachfront property will ensure the property’s value for generations to come.

Is construction completed?

The Palms represents a fully completed construction project that is currently available for your purchase. The Palms does not require pre-construction deposits, and uncertain construction completion or quality. For your peace of mind, everything needed for the facility is in place from day one.

How many residences are at The Palms?

The Palms is an intimate community comprised of only 34 residences. This small size allows The Palms to remain private and uncrowded so that it can be peacefully enjoyed by all of its owners.

Is there management on site?

The Palms has full time management on site. Thus owners can rest assured that the facility and your residence are kept in first class condition every day. Management is chosen through the majority vote of the homeowners so that it will be responsive to the needs of the owners.

What is your pet policy?

No pets are allowed on property.

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